Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dr. Sam Waldron on the Monarchy of God the Father, Eternal Generation, and the Filioque

Back on October 11, 2011, I published a thread (link) which provided information on Dr. Sam Waldron's online series, "Who's Tampering With the Trinity?" At that time, he had published 11 posts in the series, but since then, he has added another 7 threads. The following are the links to all 18 parts:

I am sure that those who read the first 11 parts will be interested in the subsequent 7 posts. For those who have yet to read Dr. Waldron's series, I highly recommend that you do so, for this Reformed Baptist professor has provided some thought provoking reflections on the Monarchy of God the Father, the Eternal Generation of the Son, and the Filioque.

Enjoy !!!

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