Thursday, July 16, 2015

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: a rare book that I could not put down until I finished reading it

Last night, I finished reading the above book by Dr. Nabeel Qureshi; a book, that once I started reading, I just could not put down until I got to the end.

It had been a number of months since I last read any books concerning Islam, but when I happened upon the book while surfing the internet last week, I felt compelled to look into it, even though I knew Dr. Qureshi had been an associate with David Wood, a high profile critic of Islam whose approach to apologetics I hold a certain dislike for. But, Dr. Qureshi has become a team member of Ravi Zacharias International Ministires (link); this, coupled with his substantial educational credentials (MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School, MA in Christian apologetics from Biola University, MA in Religion from Duke University, and currently pursuing a doctorate in New Testament studies at Oxford University), led me to purchase book, and 'give it a chance'. I am quite pleased that I did so, for I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The book is not a scholarly treatment, and at times, is a bit too polemical for my taste, but Dr. Qureshi is a masterful writer, and the story that he relates to his readers concerning his life as a devout Muslim growing up in America (and Scotland), and ultimate conversion to Christianity, is certainly a dramatic and emotional one. A must read IMO...

A Google 'preview' of the book is available HERE.

Aaron Menikoff (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), senior pastor of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, has provided a pretty good review HERE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dr. Qureshi was raised in the Ahmadiyyat sect of Islam; many Sunni and Shia Muslims hold that members of the Ahmadiyyat sect are not Muslims at all. Dr. Qureshi has provided and excellent treatment on the Ahmadiyyat sect, addressing the issue of whether or not Ahamdis are Muslims (LINK).

I hope a number of my readers will take the time to read Dr. Qureshi's book, and then share their thoughts with me....

Grace and peace,