Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Presuppositional apologetics: an unusual, yet quite interesting dissertation

Shortly before heading out for a 10 day Caribbean cruise, I came across a dissertation that caught my eye:

The Apologetic Methods of Isma'il R. al-Faruqi and Cornelius Van Til - Eric  R. Dye,  University of London, 2000 (LINK to online PDF copy)

I downloaded a copy to my tablet to read during the cruise and travel time; I also took my copy of al-Faruqi's, Christian Ethics, finishing both before my return home last Friday.

It had been years since my first reading of al-Faruqi, but I know for fact that I did not back then discern the remarkable parallels between al-Fauqi's and Van Til's apologetic method, as uncovered and related by Eric Dye in his dissertation. But my second reading, enlightened by Eric Dye's insightful reflections, has me wondering how I missed the parallels during my first reading.

Anyway, though this topic may not be of much interest to many of my readers, I felt compelled to bring it up....

Grace and peace,


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hell Debate: Eternal Conscious Torment or Annihilationism?

A very interesting debate (IMO) between a Calvinist (Chris Date) who embraces conditionalism and an Arminian (Dr. Phil Fernandes) who defends the 'traditional' view (i.e. soul is immortal and the wicked suffer eternal torment in hell).

Hope that those who take the time to view/watch the debate will share their reflections in the combox.

Grace and peace,