Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mormonism - a renewed interest

I have been studying Mormonism since 1987. Like anything else I study in depth, I try to acquire the necessary resources to do so in a scholarly fashion. My Mormon related resources have expanded to over 1,800 non-digital books; collections of the Ensign, BYU Studies, Dialogue, and Sunstone journals/magazines; most of what F.A.R.M.S and the Neal A. Maxwell Institute have produced; and a very large, uncounted digital collection. Anyway, my study of Mormonism has been anything but superficial.

However, it has been a good 4+ years since I last did any sustained research into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—and this primarily due to my focus on the development of the doctrine of the Trinity in the early Church—but I will more than likely jump back into my Mormon studies with a renewed interest (for a number of reasons).

Last month, I got involved in thread at the Mormon Dialogue & Discussion Board, under the title: What's Up With The Trinity. A new set of LDS missionaries had dropped by earlier that day, and we got into a discussion about the Trinity. That evening, I checked in on MDDB, and the above thread caught my eye. I did not get involved in the thread until the 3rd day, with my 1st comment being #63 (LINK). The thread ended up with 336 comments, involving Catholics, Evangelicals, Mormons and even a Muslim, covering a fairly wide range of aspects concerning the doctrine of the Trinity.

Though I had wanted to bring this thread to the attention of my readers towards the end of July, I got a bit side-tracked with the Trent related threads here at AF , summer guests and outdoor projects. But as the old saying goes, 'better late than never'.

In the month of September, I hope to build upon some of the issues raised in the above thread, as well as other topics, as I renew and ramp up my studies into Mormonism (the Lord willing)...

Grace and peace,