Friday, November 7, 2008


It has become a rare occasion for this beachbum to come across something truly unique while engaged in my religious studies—today happens to be one of those occurrences—and I think all will agree that this internet site, THE TRUTH CONTEST, is if anything, quite unique.

Maybe the site is a total hoax, maybe it is not; either way, it certainly provides an interesting forum for gifted apologists/writers to submit their respective worldviews. To date, only one individual has taken up the challenge, Michael Smith, via the submission of his nearly 400 page book, The Present.

I would like to extend the challenge to any of my readers (a diverse group that includes, Catholic, Orthodox, Mormon, Evangelical, and Reformed adherents), who may feel up to the task, or who may wish to encourage someone they know, to make a submission.

Grace and peace,



Christopher Smith said...

Interesting find, David. I didn't sit down and read The Present, because I don't have time, but I was quite surprised to see how overwhelmingly positive its score and the comments were. My curiosity is piqued, to say the least. I don't suppose you plan to submit an entry?

David Waltz said...

Hi Chris,

Busy weekend…finally got a chance to check the blog. Later today, I am going to start reading The Present. It will be interesting to see if the author has anything truly profound to say.

As for me submitting an entry, not a chance! [GRIN]

Grace and peace,


Sylvain Poirier said...

Even if the author(s) of that "contest" don't conciously intend it as a total hoax, in practice it all behaves as one.
Because in practice they fixed their choice on one candidate, and no matter how wrong and absurd it is, they won't accept or publish any mention of any other view or criticism that may be sent to them.
Indeed, in order to accept any criticism or candidate truth, they expect... "arguments" (without really understanding what this means).
Also, before having the right to say anything, anyone must first have seriously read all these hundreds of pages of nonsense which they currently hold as the ultimate truth, and politely and patiently explain to their simple mind, what may be "unclear" or inaccurate with it.
And also they require any argument or view proposed to them to be trivial and understandable by a child (because it must make it easy to unite all people). All completely extravagant requirements, of course.

I wrote there more comments on this "truth contest".

Unknown said...

sylvain pourier... you might just be proof that owning vocabulary does not mean owning text comprehension, no matter how opposed the reader can be to an author