Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rethinking Hell: Evangelicals embracing conditionalism

While engaged in some online research concerning the early Church Fathers, I happened upon the above book, via the related website promoting it:

It was the following online article/post that led me to the website:

At the end of the article, there was a link that brought me to another interesting post:

I have known for a number of years now that some Evangelical scholars had embraced conditionalism (e.g. Edward William Fudge, Philip Edgcumbe Hughes, Clark Pinnock, John R. Scott), but I was not aware that there is growing number of Evangelicals who are also adopting the position. Those who endorse the principal of sola scriptura should seriously consider the solid arguments that are being developed by this growing number of Evangelical scholars. Their exegesis of the germane Biblical passages is impressive, as well as their readings of the early Church Fathers. Unlike the novel, 'lone-wolf' interpretations of Timothy Kauffman that were recently examined here at AF concerning baptismal regeneration, the defense of conditionalism presented by this increasing group of Evangelicals needs some in depth reflection...

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