Tuesday, January 26, 2021

An enlightened assessment of modernity

Radical modernity is parasitic. It will fail to the extent to which it succeeds. It cannot survive its own erasure of natural law and Christianity. We can avoid the cataclysm anytime we choose to, by returning to reality, to reason, to the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. Reality is resilient because, as Plato said, it is what is—not whatever one fancies. Logos wins in the end. (Robert Reilly, America on Trial, p. 331; link - bold emphasis mine.)

Grace and peace,



leeseykay said...

Hi Dave!

We have friends who graduated from Hillsdale College, whose president wrote the forward for the book. When we were discussing places that Catholics send their kids to school, I almost mentioned Hillsdale to you the other day. Like America, which is not a Catholic country, Hillsdale, which is not a Catholic college, has provided an environment where authentic Catholicism can thrive (both in and out of the classroom). I look forward to reading the book. Thanks for the tip.


David Waltz said...

Hi Rory,

I have only read what was available via the Google preview, but ordered the book today and should receive it the middle of next week (Tues. or Wed.).

Will probably share some of my musings on the book when I have finished reading it.

Grace and peace,