Saturday, August 15, 2020

Joseph Smith’s ‘First Vision’

Yesterday, I received in the mail a copy of Volume 59-Number 2-2020 of the BYU Studies Quarterly—SPECIAL ISSUE: JOESPH SMITH’S FIRST VISION. (Some subsequent online browsing revealed that a PDF edition of this special issue is available online—see THIS LINK.)

This issue, of course, brought back to mind part 2 of my series, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the diminishing relevance of “the Great Apostasy” (link), wherein I touched on the topic of the ‘First Vision’. I was planning to delve more deeply into the 'First Vision' but got sidetracked after discovering the online book, The Great Apostasy, which prompted THIS POST.

Given the contents of the aforementioned special issue, it seems somewhat providential that further exploration into the “First Vision' was delayed. This special issue, “features the proceedings of a conference held at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California, to commemorate the two hundredth anniversary of Joseph Smith’s First Vision” (p. 4)—twelve papers—and three related articles. The entire issue is 320 pages in length.

Though I have just started reading the journal, I felt compelled to bring it to the attention folk who may share my interest in this intriguing topic.

Hope to share some of thoughts and reflections once I have completed reading this comprehensive contribution.

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David Waltz said...

I am currently just over halfway through the BYU Studies Special Issue on the First Vision. The reading is taking longer that I anticipated; this due to directly related articles and books that are referenced in the papers I have read so far—the majority of which I either already own, or have been able to access online. I have been delving into a number of those referenced works, resulting in the extended time it is taking me to finish the Special Issue.

As my research into the First Vision continues, I would like to provide links to some of the resources I have been reading along with the Special Issue:

Insights Into Joseph Smith’s First Vision

Exploring the First Vision

Primary Accounts of Joseph Smith's Vision of Deity

And lastly (for now), an older issue of BYU Studies dedicated to the First Vision:

BYU Studies – Vol. 9.3 - Spring 1969

Back to my readings…

Grace and peace,