Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Eusebius of Caesarea - Catholic bishop and "the Father of Church History" (an update)

Back in August 2011, I published a post with the same title as this thread (LINK). In that post I listed a number of Eusebius's works that are available online. Earlier today, whilst engaged in some online research, I became aware of an English translation of his Quaestiones ad Stephanum et Marinum—Gospel Problems and Solutions, To  Stephanus and Marinus—which became available online back in 2010. For various digital formats, see the following link:

Eusebius of Caesarea - Gospel Problems and Solutions

From the Preface, we read:

The full title of the largest surviving part of the work is "Gospel Problems and Solutions, To Stephanus: An Abridged Selection". In the original version of what Eusebius himself wrote, there would have been a similar title for the separate book of Gospel Problems and Solutions, To Marinus, but in the only known manuscript, the four Problems to Marinus follow directly after the sixteen Problems to Stephanus, although with a separate dedication. We refer to this version of twenty Problems as the "abridged selection". (Page xiii)

I also recently obtained, and read, a book that was published last year which contains for the first time the English translations of two other works by Eusebius—Google Books Preview available below:

Against Marcellus and On Ecclesiastical Theology

Eusebius of Caesarea is one of my favorite Church Fathers. Though noted for his work on Church history, his theological contributions are just as important—though sorely undervalued by most folk.

It is my hope that those who have not immersed themselves in his numerous theological works will take the time to do so.

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