Thursday, June 9, 2016

John of Damascus - useful online resources

In my previous thread (link), I provided selections from John Damascene's,  Expositio Fidei Orthodoxæ (Exposition of the Orthodox Faith) that focused on his Trinitarian thought. As my research on John of Damascus continues, I thought I would share some links to a few online resources that I have found to be quite useful.

S. D. F. Salmond's English translations:

Frederic H.Chase's English translations:

George Metallidis's PhD Thesis:

D. Bryan Rhodes's Masters Thesis:

Greek texts:

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Ken said...

This recent article seems to relate to the subject of "The Monarchy of God the Father" that you have written many posts on.
I thought you might be interested in it.


David Waltz said...

Hi Ken,

Thanks much for the link. I fully concur with the following from Dr. Burk:

==1. The idea that Wayne Grudem and Bruce Ware are promoting an idolatrous, heterodox view of God is absurd. Grudem’s and Ware’s articles show that as do their many years of published works.

2. Trueman acts as if the eternal submission of the Son to the Father view is some new teaching that has been sneaked into the back door of the church while no one was looking. This too is absurd. These conversations have been going on in public for over two decades now. The conversation among evanglicals long predates the so-called “new Calvinist” movement that Trueman seems so alarmed about. And if Grudem is correct, the eternal submission of the Son to the Father view itself is no historical novelty.==

I think it is important to note that in addition to the concept of the Son's "eternal submission" to His Father, one needs to include the causal nature of the eternal begetting of the Son from the Father—as so clearly taught in the Bible and Nicene Creed of 325.

Grace and peace,