Friday, March 11, 2016

A newly discovered website (for me), worth exploring and reading...

I had originally anticipated that by now, I would have posted at least one more thread in the 'new series' I started last month (Jesus Christ, the Angel of Jehovah and Michael the Archangel - part 1); however, I quickly discovered that the subject was much more in depth than I had remembered, sending me 'back to the books' for more reading and research. In addition to purchasing a few new books, I have also been rereading a number of works already in my library, supplementing these readings with extensive internet research. Earlier today, while engaged in online research, I happened upon a website that I had previously never encountered:

The general thrust of the website is stated as follows: is the central place of dialogue between Catholics and atheists. It's built around three things: reason, faith, and dialogue. You'll find articles, videos, and rich comment box discussion concerning life's Big Questions.

Taking a bit of a break from research on my 'new series', I am finding a number of the posts on this site to be of considerable interest to me, especially the following thread:

Anyway, I felt compelled to share this new discovery; I suspect a few of my readers will share my interest in this website...

Grace and peace,


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