Sunday, March 31, 2013

Michel René Barnes and the 'de Régnon theory/thesis'

In my last thread, I mentioned the 'de Régnon theory/thesis'. I am pretty sure that the first time I read about de Régnon was via a quotation provided by John Meyendorff in his book, Byzantine Theology (this was about a decade ago—see previous thread for that selection). After reading Byzantine Theology, I started to notice that the 'de Régnon theory/thesis' was showing up in a number of other works (Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant), and usually without any mention of de Régnon. Through those 'other works', I began to accept the 'de Régnon theory/thesis' without much thought, not knowing that de Régnon was creator of the theory/thesis. However, after reading Dr. Holmes' The Quest for the Trinity, I started to examine 'de Régnon theory/thesis' much more closely, and I discovered that Dr. Michel René Barnes has done extensive research on this subject. I think it wise not to try to attempt reproduce Dr. Barnes' impressive research via the filter of my own mind, but rather, shall let him speak for himself—note the following links to some of his contributions that are available online:

I have found the above essays to be informative, substantial, and thought-provoking, and I'm very interested in the thoughts of others who will take the time to read them...


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Jamie Donald said...

David, Are you just trying to get us to spend all of our free time reading? .

David Waltz said...

Hi Jamie,

Well, not all, but a good portion[grin].

Hope you and yours had a great Easter.

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