Monday, December 10, 2012

Our possible future ???

While watching the 700 Club during my workout earlier today, the following segment gave cause for reflection:

Could this be a foretaste of our nation's future ???

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Drake Shelton said...

You bet it is!

God bless those French people. The Europeans are starting to wake up. Thank God. My fear is that if Biblical Tribalism, which I have been defending, is not followed, a Fascist blood bath may be the final solution to the multi-cultural problem. I am trying to wake up my community to this before things get to that point.

Be careful David, Sean Gerety already thinks I am brainwashing everyone.

David Waltz said...

Hi Drake,

The 'multi-culturalism' portrayed in the video clip seems to mirror much of the emerging attitude(s) of left-wing politics/rhetoric in the United States. It sure seems to me that all cultures are accepted and promoted EXCEPT the Christian-European culture.

The "NO-GO ZONES" (renamed "Sensitive Urban Zones" by the left) was a bit ominous...

As for Mr. Gerety, his ad hominem and double-standards apologetics are appalling and most certainly will only appeal to the uniformed.

Grace and peace,


Nick said...

Interestingly, I don't recall hearing anything about promoting Christianity or the featured group advocating Christian values. This means that ultimately the group is trapped, since the sins of '68 (namely divorce, contraception, and abortion, all supported in some way or another by even the most conservative Protestants) are not repudiated. This is God's way of letting sin become a self-punishment on a nation.

David Waltz said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks much for taking the time to respond; I found your comments to be insightful, and cannot help but think that France's problems may very well be in our near future given the anti-Christian attitude of the political left in our nation.

Grace and peace,


Ken said...

What is "Biblical Tribalism"? - that each culture stays in it's own culture/race and country/area?

Is that similar to using Acts 17:26 - interpreting it to mean that it means God intended each tribe or nation to stay in it's own "boundary" and that all inter-racial marriage is sin? -- like the way they justified Aparthied in South Africa?

"And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place" Acts 17:26

Ken said...

since the sins of '68 (namely divorce, contraception, and abortion,

Does that mean 1968 ? - some contraception by some Protestant groups, as I seem to recall, became more accepted in 1930, according to Dave Armstrong.

Most Divorce is wrong; but not all. Divorce has been around for a long time. Jesus mentions exceptions in Matthew 5 and 19 and Paul in 1 Cor. 7:15.

The Roman C. Church has an interesting thing called "allullment" which is a very complicated thing that is really divorce in practice and effects, even though they won't admit that it is. The RCC bishops who have give certain Kennedy's annulments should be ashamed of themselves - after being married for some 20 years and having 4 children, etc. - please - so much for any infallibility or ex opere operato charism of truth being passed down in the RC bishops. . . . right . . .

The one that is always sin is Abortion.
Abortion - Roe vs. Wade was 1973.

Drake Shelton said...


Before I answer I want to make sure everyone knows that I am not speaking for David Waltz here. Sean Gerety has tried to superimpose my views of race on David because of the union David and I share on the doctrine of God.Again, I am not speaking for David on these social issues.

"What is "Biblical Tribalism"? - that each culture stays in it's own culture/race and country/area?"

>>>Generally, yes, not absolutely. Some proportion of inter-racial marriage is ok. This should be controlled by immigration, not by anti-miscegenation laws.

Yes, in a general since not an absolute sense.

"Is that similar to using Acts 17:26 - interpreting it to mean that it means God intended each tribe or nation to stay in it's own "boundary"

>>>Yes and that is operating off of Gen. 9-11

"and that all inter-racial marriage is sin?"

>>>No. Inter-racial marriage should be allowed in a small percentage.

"like the way they justified Aparthied in South Africa?"

>>>Apartheid was a very complex issue but yes Apartheid had it generally right, minus the Jesuit instigated violence against blacks. Our counter-reformation masters will not allow an ethnically identified Protestant organization to exist without infiltration.

Ken said...

Sorry for typo

The Roman C. Church has an interesting thing called "allullment" which

obviously should have been:


Ken said...

I can see the logic of some of what you are saying, but it also impossible to control the sinful heart of man from using what you are saying to promote racial hatred and superiority of one's own race;

We definitely need a lot of immigration reform in the USA. (Border walls, enforcement of employment laws; learning English, and getting those who are already here and don't break laws to come out of the shadows, and pay taxes and learn English. I

and I was happy to hear see the French individuals on the video make clear that is not about racially hating another group or thinking they are superior.

Multi-culturalism is a problem - the immigrants who still believe in family, marriage, having 4,5,6 or 10 children - they are the group that will take over eventually.

Western Europeans no longer believe in marriage and family yet Muslims still do and have polygamy also - many children; and they are against all homosexuality whereas Europe has become very liberal in all areas.

All of that kind of thing is very depressing indeed - the liberalism, the big government spending and entitlement programs, the homosexual agenda being forced upon the rest of us; and the rise of Islam and how Muslims come in and take over pockets of areas and have big families and conservative values.

All of these trends are also giving lots of fodder for the "end-times" madness folks.

Rory said...

Interesting trend in France Dave. It is a healthy sign if young people are waking up to see the folly of their fathers.

I am resigned for the near future to being in the minority. So would I rather be in a minority under homosecular authority or Islamic authority? I am not sure. Both could eventually become lethal.

But I just don't see how either of those two groups will prevail over formerly Western and Christian countries. The problem with homosecularism is that it is uninspriring. Who would be a martyr what they teach in public school?

Muslims don't have that problem--yet. Their problem in the affluent West is going to be to maintain a Spartan kind of culture. Are they going to keep their children from playing video games and texting all day? We know they like money. Western style Islam will eventually be hateful to Arab Muslims and an inconvenience to Western Muslims.

I just don't see how the Gospel can fail. Along with reasons derived by faith, there are visible signs that give reasons to hope that the Catholic Church will soon be on the rebound from the malaise that has disfigured and plagued it my entire lifetime.

Anyway, I don't see any reason for doom and gloom. Good people still want something beautiful to love and something coherent to believe. They will find it again in a revitalized Catholic Church. Those French kids aren't looking at the Catholic Church now. I don't blame them. But when they realize that their Church stands for something besides fraternity, equality, and whatever that third one is, they'll have their platform to rebuild civilization.

The Blogger Formerly Known As Lvka said...


could this answer your question, from an Eastern Orthodox perspective ? :-)

David Waltz said...

Hi Rory,

Thanks much for taking the time to post; you have given us all a good deal to reflect on.

Grace and peace,


David Waltz said...

Hello Lvka,

The link was interesting, but I think the situation between the Israelis and Palestinians is considerably different than what is taking place in France. If it were French Canadians who were attempting to supplant French culture in France itself, maybe I could see a more direct application—but then, the French Canadians may be more culturally French than the leftists in France !!!

Grace and peace,