Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Granville Sharp: his six rules of Greek NT grammar

Earlier today I received an email from another friend and brother in Christ who had questions about Granville Sharp's "rule". Granville Sharp actually produced six 'rules' of New Testament grammar, but it is his first "rule" that has received by far the most 'ink'. A concise summation of Sharp's six rules can be found at:

Sharp's book on these six rules can be read, and/or downloaded at:

The support for Granville Sharp's 1st rule within the Evangelical community has had a long and substantive history—the following articles/essays are some good representatives:

But, there has been solid opposition to Sharp; the first I am aware of came quite early on (1805) from the pen Calvin Winstanley. An online PDF version can be accessed at:

The most rigorous opposition that I have knowledge of has come via the former Jehovah's Witness, Greg Stafford, who has produced literally hundreds of scholarly pages on this issue, all of which can be accessed at:

Mr. Stafford is also currently writing a full length book on this topic, which is supposed to be released sometime this month:  

The Sharpest Rule: A Review and Restatement of Greek's Most Tragic Rule

I sincerely hope I have provided interested readers enough resources to delve into this subject with some serious depth.

As for myself, I remain 'open' to both sides, calling the ongoing grammatical debate a 'draw'. However, I suspect a number of folk will not give Stafford's copious contributions an objective look simply because he is a former JW, and will side with the Bowman's and Wallaces's without any serious reflection and study; IMO, to do so would be a huge mistake, for Stafford has more than 'held his own' with the best the Evangelical camp has had to offer. I shall end here with a firm exhortation to all interested parties that they read through the material without prejudice before drawing any firm conclusions.

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Sam said...

I have to agree with you. Greg Stafford is top notch and in my estimation the best "Arian" scholar and apologist we have today. He is no joke, but a brilliant and articulate young man. It is too bad that Wallace doesn't take him seriously enough to interact with his claims. I have contacted Wallace and asked him to comment but he simply brushes him aside as if he is not worth his time.

Ewnet said...

I think Robert M. Bowman, Jr. has refuted Stafford's arguments.

Valdomiro Filho said...

Robert M. Bowman, Jr. has no refuted Stafford's arguments: