Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Provocative post...

I must confess upfront, that I am anything but passionate about politics. This does not mean that I have not seriously considered the nature/role Christians are to play in the world that we live; but rather, that my explorations into this topic have left me at this time somewhat 'neutral' (my studies into this issue have ranged between libertarianism and theonomy).  With that said, I found the following post to be a bit more than interesting (I am providing the opening portion of the post here—go to the link for the entire thread):

The Worldview of Romney and Ryan and the 2012 Presidential Election

Romney and Ryan are the first non-Protestant combination Presidential and Vice-Presidential ticket in the history of American elections. America has been characteristically a Baptist/Protestant country, much of which stems from what was left in Europe. This flies in the face of a national history-long trend. I actually don't think that President Obama and Vice President Biden are Protestant and Catholic, but some kind of quasi-humanism/religious liberalism, but the President claims to be Protestant.

Both Romney and Ryan come from a top-down hierarchical religious structure that belies their states rights, power to the people, economic freedom paradigm. In modern colloquial terms, what's up with that? Why are we so sure now that the Mormon president or the Pope won't be telling our candidates what to do, say in the vein of that for what John F. Kennedy had to answer for in the 1960 presidential election? I've been thinking about this recently and let me give you my take. I think I'm right, but I'm open to your thoughts. (

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