Thursday, May 10, 2012

Of creeds and councils - Online Resources

Over the last few days, some dialogue on Christian creeds has been taking place here at AF. I am fortunate enough to have some substantial resources on this subject in my personal library, and thanks to the internet, a number of the more important resources that are at my disposal are now available online for free. The following list will include certain works that I have found to be very useful (some indispensable), focusing primarily on the creeds formulated at the earlier ecumenical councils (up to 787), which can be read online and/or downloaded in the pdf format; at the end, I will also list a couple of works that can be read online via Google Books preview:

The famous 14th volume of the, "A Select Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church - Second Series", Philip Schaff and Henry Wace general editors. This is the most comprehensive single volume on the subject -

The equally famous 5 volume work by Dr. Hefele, which begins with the pre-Nicene councils, and continues up to the 7th ecumenical council of 787 AD -

The next four works are not nearly as comprehensive as those listed above, but they are still quite valuable -

The following are the links to Philip Schaff's famous 3 volume work, Bibliotheca symbolica ecclesiæ universalis. The creeds of Christendom, with a history and critical notes. In addition to an excellent introduction, the work includes creeds and confessions of faith up into the 19th century -

And finally, two very important tomes (IMHO): Dr. Kelly's famous Early Christian Creeds, and a work that I have cited numerous times before, which contains indispensable information on the pivotal period between 318-381 AD -

Early Christian Creeds - J.N.D. Kelly

Sincerely hope that these works will prove to be as valuable to you, as they have for me.

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