Monday, July 20, 2009

A beachbum’s observations concerning a recent thread from the “Black Hole of Christian Blogs”

I may regret taking up my pen to respond to the musings from one of the members of the notorious “Black Hole of Christian Blogs”; but, my conscience would not allow me to stand back and say nothing—so, here goes…

Recent attacks leveled against Dave Armstrong in this recent Beggar’s All thread, prompted a few responses from this beachbum. Generally, the conversations at BA remain somewhat charitable, but the entrance of certain members from the BHCB contaminated the general tone of the blog, and brought in many elements of the “black hole” apologetics they have become famous (infamous) for.

Wanting, what seems to be, further escalation of the BHCB method (I can think of no other reason for doing so), Steve chose to copy and paste a selection of elements from the discourse at BA to his BHCB blog. Steve opens this NEW THREAD with:

I’m reposting some comments here which I originally make over at the blog of the upstanding and long-suffering James Swan:

Before proceeding, I want to concur with Steve concerning his comments about James Swan; though I believe that James is anti-Catholic (i.e. espouses the view that the Catholic Church is not a Christian Church), James propagates his view with a certain degree of civility, and with what I would term, a Christian demeanor.

Steve then posted:

Dave Armstrong said...“Steve Hays has called me ‘evil’ through and through.”For making defamatory comments about James White and his dad when Armstrong is in no position to confirm who’s telling the truth. Yes, that’s evil.

Aside from the fact that Steve embraces in the usage of “defamatory comments” (e.g. he once called me a “Catholic serial killer”), what did Dave Armstrong actually say? Here is THE LINK TO DAVE’S “EVIL” COMMENTS.

Reading through the post I do not see ANY semblance of the charge that Steve levels against Dave—as such, I must ask two questions: first, is Steve himself engaging in the “evil” he convicts Dave of; and second, is Steve’s underlying motavation rooted in his virulent anti-Catholicism?

Here is the link to Steve’s original post , wherein he states that, “He’s [Dave Armstrong] actually evil.”

I do not think is necessary to present any conclusions on the content of the two threads linked to above; IMHO, the two threads speak for themselves…

Grace and peace,



Dave Armstrong said...

Thanks for this post, David. God bless you!

In Him,

The Evil Dark Lord

Anonymous said...


I think this was a mistake... you are only proving that the elect think so much more clearly than those of us with reprobate minds...

*deep sigh*


Paul Hoffer said...

I personally like his recent article comparing DA to "those Catholic cathedrals in which the Lady chapel is the center of attention. There’s a huge altar to Mary, crowded with flickering votive candles. Then there’s a dark, dingy, lonely little side chapel with an altar dedicated to what’s-his-name. You know…some guy by the name of Jesus."

Unfortunately, when I asked him to give his readers some examples of such churches that have these features, neither Mr. Hays, nor Turretinfan nor Rhology could provide me a single example of such. Rhology pointed out the Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde that has a large statute of Mary and the Holy Child enfolded in her arms that sits on a pedestal on the back of the altar and the Cathedral du Sacre Coeur which has a large pieta or scene from the Lamentation of Christ's Passion behind the altar on the wall, both in Marseilles.

Enjoyed the article!

God bless!