Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Francis Beckwith, Greg Koukl and James White

As many already know, the former president of the Evangelical Theological Society, Dr. Francis Beckwith, returned to the Catholic Church this last April. And as expected, the event has created a considerable amount of chatter on the internet scene: pro, con, and everything in between…

Just this week, Dr. Beckwith appeared on Greg Koukl’s apologetic radio program, “Stand To Reason” ( ), which was followed up the next day by with the follow post at: .

Contributions to the thread have included posts by Dr. Beckwith, Greg Koukl and Paul Owen. I contributed 2 posts in response to some comments made by the Reformed Baptist apologist, James R. White (a title requested by himself ). Rather than reply to my posts in the thread, James instead choose to brush me off (as well as some other contributors) with some derogatory comments on his AOMIN blog: . Nice work James!

Earlier this morning, (before creating my own blog) I started a thread at Catholic Answers ( ) to shed some light on James’ charges.

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David, interesting exchange. Thank you for this information.